the-wiccans-glossary: How to make candles. Making candles is a lot easier than you might think! Here are instructions on how to make your own all natural safe and magickal candles. Supplies: Anything to hold your candles in. (Moulds tea cups sea shells mason jars)Wicksor Wood WicksSoy WaxDye Chips Any herbs of your choice (Recommended: Any mints lavender sage or small cuttings of fruit skins.)Essential oil(s) Make sure that your essential oils and the herbs you use smell similarly. Instructi…

Needlepoint or Cross Stitch Pattern Design Chart - Backgammon Game Board Needlepoint or Cross Stitch Pattern Design Chart - Book Loves Package

Jenna on Instagram: “Skyler and I made some quick doily dream catchers and put them on her pompom branch today. She had fun adding all the lace and different ribbons in, and I love that she did so much work on it. It makes it more hers. She saw a dream catcher wall like this when she was looking at Pinterest and wanted one similar! Dream pillow is from Sarah Kirkland ❤️”

DIY Pallet Board Laundry Sign & How to Keep Clothes Looking Vibrant! Organize those mismatched socks with this Lost Socks Seeking Sole Mates laundry room weathered Pallet Board Sign! Plus, my go-to method for keeping those soiled socks clean and bright! #ShoutSolutions #ad